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In Kastro, as in the nearby villages Kyllini harbour and Arkoudi and along the seaside, there is a multitude of taverns with very good food and attractive prices.

For your shopping needs, in the Greek Art Camara you can find articles of popular art and buy various local products like olive oil and ouzo.
Golden Beach
Hiking - Walks:

You can make the tour of the coast. From Loutra Kyllinis (Kyllini Baths) to the lighthouse of Kafkalida it is an approximately 2 hours walk.

Also, from the harbour of Kyllini to the rock of Kefalopetra it is a mere 45 minutes walk.


Rod fishing, underwater fishing with a spear-gun (areas: Fournia, Analipsi, Kefalopetra, Kafkalida).
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The visitors of Kyllini have the opportunity to make a unique journey into a “mosaic” of historic and cultural heritage, which is imprinted on every place in the region.

In Kyllini you have the possibility to visit a variety of exceptionally important historical, archeological, religious and natural sights. The most important of them all is the Chlemoutsi castle, which has been declared a Monument of Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. A collection concerning the knights in Greece will be soon accommodated in a model museum within the castle.

Most important sights:

Chlemoutsi Castle

Chlemoutsi lies in Kastro of Kyllini, high on the Helonata hill. It constitutes a fine example of the art of fortifications and, in the period of its heyday, it was impregnable, due to the pioneer defensive techniques that were applied.

Chlemoutsi was built within three years by Villehardouin, who had seized the reach revenues of the Latin clergy and invested all the money in the building of this impregnable fortress. In its heyday it had become so strong that, according to historic sources, the potentates of the region were saying that, if they turned away all the Franks from everywhere, they could take back the Peloponnese if they possessed Chlemoutsi. After a few years the Franks inside the castle began to coin their first currency, the tornese.

Loutra Kyllini

The Thermal Baths of Kyllini are renowned from antiquity for their medicinal sources. Every year they are being visited by thousands of vacationers who wish to cure various diseases. Their thermal waters, the fumes and the mud heal the arthritis, the asthma and various skin diseases. During your visit you can see the ruins of the Roman baths. In the baths’ area one can combine vacations with invigoration and cure.

Vlacherna Monastery

The women’s' Byzantine convent of the Virgin Mary of Vlacherna is built in a location with lush vegetation that lies at a 2 km distance from Kato Panagia. Its catholicon (conventual church) is a basilica with three naves, with esonarthex (inner narthex) and exonarthex (outer narthex), antetemple and main temple. The architecture of the convent shows that its construction began in the Byzantine Era (around the end of the 12th century) and was completed by the Franks.


Get the best available travel deals from a reputable tour operator or travel intermediary and visit the charming municipality of Kyllini in Western Greece. Here you and your loved ones can opt to relax among the fine sandy beaches or grab your cameras to see interesting and culturally important sites like the Chlemoutsi Castle which has been declared by UNESCO and the ancient Loutra kyllini baths long renowned for their medicinal properties just to name a few.
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